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About the Don MacArthur Band

Don is a retired music teacher who survived over three decades in the Ontario educational system. Through the years he has played with and conducted a wide variety of musical aggregations from symphonies to rock bands, military bands to chamber groups, school bands to jazz and swing groups.

 His favourite genre is swing and for the last few years has been playing with and conducting for Laurie and Tom Pinto in the Classic Swing Orchestra.  When a number of the CSO members expressed an interest in going beyond  the swing “classics” into some more modern stuff  Don said “Why not?” and started putting together a book that includes as well as a few classics, a bunch of Latin things, some rock/jazz fusion, new arrangements a la Buble and Connick, and some great vocal charts to feature our singer, Tanya Wills.

 To fill the roster, Don looked for musicians who share his philosophy on how the parts of a group should fit dynamically, who have both sensitivity and power, and are talented and experienced enough to make this a very democratic group- willing to accept and try any member’s suggestion.

 Having played with most of the people through the years, Don knew that they were fine musicians but he’s  been pleasantly surprised with the virtuosity that emerges at every rehearsal. “ They sound so great I just can’t stop smiling for days after each session” says Don. The guys are a humble bunch but when you start reading the bios  there are some pretty impressive CV’s. From smoky bars to elegant symphony halls , from small town jazz fests to the great hotel ballrooms in New York, Chicago and Toronto,  from cruise ships to TV studios – they’ve covered a lot of ground and now bring their talent to the DMB .

 The group is a 17 piece “big band” composed of 4 saxes, 7 brass, 4 rhythm and a vocalist.

If you’re a big band fan you’ll love this group. If you’re not you may be after you hear them.

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