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As with many groups players come and go but there is always a core, those players who make up the heart and soul of the group and here we have them. Those artists filling us out as the need arises include Carlo Vanini, Brock MacArthur, Curtis Hunter, Lori Martin and Ken Cory. As usual we are always happy to see and play with our friends again!


Andrew Wells Trumpet & Flugel Horn
Andrew has played for over 30 years in a variety of formats from military bands as a naval reservist to symphony orchestras as principal trumpet of the NYCO. He is currently playing with the Whitby Brass Band in the Solo Cornet line and frequently sits in with other brass and swing bands as the need arises (Weston Silver Band and Classic Swing Orchestra). Andrew is an IT consultant and owns DBO providing technical services to business throughout Durham. Andrew lends his technical expertise as session recordist and webmaster for the band.


Fred Cory Alto sax & Flute
Fred is an experienced musician with 25 years of performing experience in orchestra, theatre orchestra, chamber music, jazz and commercial ensembles. He has studied both jazz and classical music, earning a performance degree at the University of Victoria on flute and a diploma in jazz studies on saxophone at Vancouver Community College. In recent years, Fred has become interested in early music and has taken up the recorder in order to play pre-classical music more authentically. Fred is also a registered massage therapist working in Cobourg and Port Hope.

David King Bass
David took piano lessons and played trombone in school. He added bass in high school and played folk in THE CHANGING TIMES, and R&B in JACK and THE BEANSTALK. He also played upright in a pit band trio for a production of Oklahoma. During the early 70s he played rock and blues as a founding member of PILEDRIVER (from Highland Creek). After thirty years in education David returned to music playing jazz standards in a small combo with Brian and Alyson McNamara, and Philip Hughes, in Cobourg where he resides. He has also played big band with The Royals(Cobourg), and is bassist with The Classic Swing Orchestra (Oshawa) and the DMB.


Jack Steinberg Tenor Sax & Clarinet
Jack Steinberg is known for producing a rich and soulful tone on both the clarinet and tenor sax. He has been playing with big bands and small groups in Southern Ontario for over 25 years. Jack has performed at venues ranging from the Beaches Jazz Festival to the Mississauga Living Arts Centre.


Susan Dustin Trombone
A trombone soloist, who started her musical career at Bowmanville High School, Susan Dustan is in demand throughout North America and Europe as a soloist and musical educator.

The Bowmanville resident studied music and received her degree in music performance at the University of Toronto. Dustan has played with the Vancouver Symphony, Calgary Philharmonic and was principal trombone player with the Air Command Band in Winnipeg. She's also performed with the Kitchener Waterloo Symphony, the Intrada Brass and Toronto Brass Consort in Ontario.



Herb Knox Tenor Sax
Playing professionally since 1946. Although his love is jazz, Herb has played every style of music, from country to swing. On stage, Herb can play soprano and tenor saxophones and the clarinet, along with doing some duty on vocals.  In 1996, Herb formed Xsentrik, with the thought of allowing musicians to play an eclectic selection of traditional jazz music. The free—wheeling style of the music makes Xsentrik a hit wherever the band plays. He also stays busy playing with a blues band, in small jazz groups and a band called Reflections, which plays favourites from the 1950s to today.
Herb is not only a musician himself, he has brought the passion to many music students as a teacher in Durham Region. Now retired, Herb still loves to talk with young people and share his knowledge and love for music. In the 1980s.
Glen Ward Trombone




Shirley Farr Baritone Sax
Shirley played clarinet and tenor sax in her high school concert and stage bands in New Toronto.
She obtained her R.N. from Toronto General Hospital and after a career in nursing and raising a family, returned to performing with the Clarington Concert Band on clarinet, the Classic Swing Orchestra on tenor sax and the Don MacArthur Band on bari sax.  She continues to practice nursing full time.

Roger Farr Drums
Since 1958, Roger has played in dance halls, bars, lounges, and concert venues in and around Toronto and across Canada and the US.  He particularly enjoys playing 50's R&R and R&B and Swing Era dance music. Some of the many bands he has played with include Bobby Dean and the Gems, Terry Roberts and the Deans, Tommy Earll's Allstars, and the Tom Demoraes Swing Orchestra. He looks forward to being part of the new sound of the DMB.


Tanya Wills Vocals
As a graduate of the Sheridan College Music Theatre programme, Tanya brings her love of music to the big band genre.  She has performed with various big bands including The Royals out of Cobourg.  She is a member of The Lemmon Sisters (the middle lemmon) and continues to dabble in music theatre.   Trained classically, Tanya is able to move through many styles, but particularly enjoys the jazz/swing groove.
Don MacArthur Bandleader & Trumpet
Don is a retired music teacher who survived over three decades in the Ontario educational system. Through the years he has played with and conducted a wide variety of musical aggregations from symphonies to rock bands, military bands to chamber groups, school bands to jazz and swing groups. Read his full bio, about the band.



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