12 March 2010


The band is excited to record our first CD.

Our thanks go out to Ross Goodfellow of Independence Films for working with us!

Ross Goodfellow was born into a musical family in Edmonton Alberta in 1968. In 1970 the family (originally from the Toronto area) headed back to Ontario and resided in Mississauga.

Ross began his study of music early (about age 5) under the tutelage of his grandmother Jean Eck, herself a Canadian Radio star in the 1920s under the name Jean McLean. He continued to make her crazy, banging away at the family piano, until he was able to acquire his first drum-set at the age of twelve.

This new development caused much trepidation among the family (not to mention the neighbors!) who insisted he study privately under long-time session musician (and 65 year music industry veteran) Al Bleue. Ross had already begun composing music for the piano at this time, but Ross studied drums and percussion with Al until 1986, at which time Ross was already doing professional sessions, and playing in several bands and orchestras.

Ross began studying classical guitar in 1984, and by the age of seventeen had already become what session musicians call a "triple-threat" (someone who can gig with any of three instruments). In 1986, Ross, still in school, took his first job in a music store working for Lawrence Sykes. This was not so much for profit as much as savings on wanted musical instruments and equipment!

After high school, already knowing how challenging a life in the music industry can be, Ross decided to train for a music-related career and moved to Toronto to attend George Brown College and study in the "Piano Technology Program". Upon graduation, he had  a piano service and repair company in Mississauga. Sadly, the year was 1990 and with the recession coming into full-swing "Piano-Menders" found itself an early victim of a much-slowed economy.

Still, Ross was able to continue working in the piano industry, and over the next nine years worked for such large firms such as Robert Lowrey's Piano Experts, Steve Jackson Music, and AAA Piano Servicing. Piano work led Ross into almost every major recording studio and concert venue in southern Ontario.

Back in 1991, Ross joined a band called "Satori" with his high-school friend Darren Akai, and found himself in the company of 3 record producers. To them it was vital that Ross learn the art of production, and so began a private study of audio production that continues to this day.

By 1996 the hobby-studio in Ross' attic was actually quite well equipped, and was already able to hold it's own against many of the smaller professional facilities in the city. It was also this year that Ross suffered a piano work related spinal injury. Realizing that his piano-servicing career was coming to an end, Ross began making plans to shift to production-engineering full time.

In October 1996, Ross produced "Public Display", a punk-rock outfit that managed to get airplay in Toronto. Over the next 2 years, Ross continued producing demos and independent projects on a hobby basis, until a subsequent back-injury forced him out of the piano-servicing game for good. This turning point in Ross's life only helped him sharpen his focus on audio-production

Since 1996 Ross Goodfellow has produced projects for a variety of artists in numerous styles ranging from rock, to jazz, to classical, as well as numerous corporate clients.

Ross Goodfellow currently lives in Toronto with his wife Roben, whom he loves more than sunlight.

The CD will be a combination of both instrumental and vocal track featuring Tanya Wills.

Check back often to get your copy!

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